Better Items, Superior Pricing

If an items exists, we can most likely probably put your logo on it. From classics like mugs and pens to some out of the box items like bicycles and bottle sweaters, if you can dream it we can get it made. Promotional items have the biggest return of investment out of any other form of advertising and most people can recall a brand they’ve seen on them. People will keep promotional products they find useful, and in the process of using them, more people will see your branding on the items.

The Team at Done Deal Promotions keeps it’s fingers on the pulse of the industry.  Our staff attends all of the top industry trade shows so we can see the newest and freshest ideas. If you provide us with a quantity needed and a target price, our staff can provide you with an array of items to me most any budget.

As a large volume purchase of promotional items with long standing factory relationships, we buy better than our competition.  This affords us the ability to pass these savings on to our customers.  In many cases, we are able to extend EQP (End Quantity Pricing) or NCP (Next Column Pricing) on your purchases.





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